“Why is it necessary and even vital to maintain the global temperature increase below 1.5°C versus higher levels? Adaptation will be less difficult. Our world will suffer fewer negative impacts on intensity and frequency of extreme events, on resources, ecosystems, biodiversity, food security, cities, tourism and carbon removal.”


Climate Positive Design
Guiding Principles


Climate change is the Challenge of our lifetime and as designers of the built environment, we can play a key role in defining the path forward.

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Once we better understand our impacts by using the Pathfinder, we can more actively contribute to the solutions.

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With specific guidance and Resources, we can set goals to improve the impact of our work and set an example for others to follow.

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Let’s take this message beyond disciplines and Unite to become stronger together.

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About Us

Pamela Conrad

Pamela Conrad

Climate Positive Design Founder
Principal, CMG Landscape Architecture
2018-2019 LAF Fellow for Innovation and Leadership

“I grew up on a farm in the midwestern United States. I loved everything about the trees, plants, animals, and water that was part of our everyday life. This is why I became a landscape architect. Embedded with a deep sense of responsibility for our environment, I am committed to doing everything I can to help us make a positive impact on climate change.”


Meet the Team

This initiative was made possible through collaboration with many talented and passionate individuals equally committed to designing for our future.

CMG Landscape Architecture

Kevin Conger, Chris Guillard, Willett Moss, Jamie Phillips, Rayna Deniord, Greg Barger, Eustacia Brossart, Nahal Sohbati, Alexandra Zahn, Jamie Yousten, Kelsey Wakefield and Wesley Cogan

Atelier Ten

Kristen diStefano, Prateek Jain

Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF)

Barbara Deutsch, Lucinda Sanders (OLIN), Laura Solano (MVVA) and the 2018-2019 Fellowship Cohort

American Society of Landscape Architecture (ASLA)

Vaughn Rinner and Nancy Sommerville

Martha Schwartz Partners (MSP)

Martha Schwartz

Canadian Society of Landscape Architecture (CSLA) / International Federation of Landscape Architecture (IFLA)

Colleen Mercer Clarke

Technology + Design

Lauren Peters, Anne Donnard, Edan Weis, Tyler Maisano, Cameron Nimmo and Lary Lague

Data Analysis

Antoinette Marty

Research Assistant

Deanna Lynn, University of Oregon