By the year 2030,
be Climate Positive.

Starting now, by using the Pathfinder, we design our projects to remove more carbon from the atmosphere than they emit.

Strive to get to positive on all projects as soon as possible by reducing carbon footprints and increasing sequestration in the places we design.

Suggested targets to get you started:

  • 5 years to positive for parks, residential, on-structure, mixed-use or campus developments
  • 20 years to positive for streetscapes or plazas

If all projects were designed to meet the targets, by 2030 they could sequester more CO2 than emitted – getting to “positive” and helping to avoid the 1.5°C of warming predicted by the IPCC.

If we stay the course of the Challenge, our projects could potentially sequester 1 gigaton of CO2 by 2050 beyond our emissions in accordance with the Paris Agreement.


Visit our Resources to learn more about these strategies, along with their associated co-benefits, including habitat creation, reduced water use, sea level rise adaptation, biodiversity and biophilia.


All Contributors will be recognized for participating in the Challenge.

Participation will inform our overall professional impact and the Climate Positive timeframe guidance.

Advisory Partners

Our partner organizations will review the data on an annual basis to track progress on how we are meeting our goals and evaluate potential modifications to the Challenge targets over time.

This is a research initiative of CMG Landscape Architecture

Join the challenge so we can make this significant contribution together.

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